Code Projects

This table shows a few of the code projects that I've done in the past. You are free to use them as you will and learn from them (as I was attempting to do).

For more details on a project, click on a list item below. You may also filter by typing in the box.

Name Concepts Code Format
Simple Name Database input and output c++
Complex Number Handling classes, complex numbers c++
Sorting Methods quick sort, std sort, bubble sort, merge sort, insertion sort, selection sort c++
Simple Linked List linked list, data structure c++
Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) Calculator math functions, calculator, rpn c++
Simple 20 Questions game, 20 questions, user input, binary tree c++
Maze Generator maze, arrays/vectors c++
Tic Tac Toe game, ai, arrays c++
Binary Search binary search, data structure c++
Stack stack, array, data structure c++
Queue queue, linked list, data structure c++
Binary Search Tree binary search tree, data structure c++
Adelson-Velskii and Landis' (AVL) Tree avl tree, data structure c++
Hash - Separate Chaining hash map, separate chaining, linked list, data structure c++
Hash - Open Addressing hash map, open addressing, data structure c++
Heap heap, tree, data structure c++
Graphs graph theory c++
Population Growth formulas, user input c++
Newton Method newton method python
Primality Test prime number test python
Huffman Tree huffman tree, data structure python
Image Processing image processing python
Slippery Maze game java
Calculator math, gui, graphing java
Tubby Tap game, pygame, classes, user input python
Simple Grid mouseover javascript
Collatz conjecture Collatz conjecture, algorithm, child process, fork c
Simple Shell shell, child process, fork c
Data layer converter W3C digitalData, data layer, analytics, tag management, marketing, roi, object javascript
Timing Details Plugin navigator, timing javascript
Time Parting Plugin SiteCatalyst, Omniture, Timeparting javascript
Percent Page Viewed Plugin percent page viewed, SiteCatalyst, Omniture, plugin javascript
Visit Details Plugin SiteCatalyst, Omniture, plugin javascript
Detect RIA Plugin SiteCatalyst, Omniture, Rich Internet Applications javascript
Cross Visit Participation Plugin SiteCatalyst, Omniture, plugin javascript
Channel Manager (External Traffic) Plugin SiteCatalyst, Omniture, plugin javascript
Cart Event Check SiteCatalyst, Omniture, plugin javascript
Scroll Tracking plugin, Analytics javascript