This list contains clients that I have dealt with in either tag management, analytics, web design, or some other internet related function.

For more details on a client and my interaction with them, click on a list item below.


6/21/13 From Jeff Snyder, Sportsman's Guide
Hi Melissa,
I wanted to let you know that I would be happy to serve as a reference for any future prospective clients. Your product is fantastic, and I'm finding new ways to use it every day. After playing with the content modification extension, I think we may be able to save tens of thousands annually on split-testing software. But most importantly, the support has been phenomenal. Stuart and Darren are fantastic and this would have never gotten off the ground without them.
Please don't hesitate to call me if you have someone interested in a client's perspective of Tealium. I would gladly give your platform and team glowing reviews.
Have a great weekend,

8/29/13 From Jeff Snyder, Sportsman's Guide
(12:21:38 PM) Melissa Anderson: You got a really nice comment from Jeff at Sportsman's on our customer survey:
(12:21:41 PM) Melissa Anderson: "The service and support has been exceptional - particularly with the technical engineers / contractors. Stuart Roskelley was great to work with and is always fast to respond. He solves our problems quickly and effectively - what more could you ask for?"

1/27/14 from Halee Kotara, Interstate Batteries
"Not to get all emotional on you, but I would like to take this opportunity to let you all know how much I appreciate you. It's very challenging to be a department of one, and this tagging migration initiative has been particularly daunting. I'm constantly amazed and humbled by your amazing client service...I couldn't do all this without you! Without your help and guidance, I would have pulled out all my hair and punched out all my computer monitors by now.
You guys are the best"

2/21/14 from Beth Szollose at American Tellicast (
"I would really like to say thank you to you, Stuart and Darren, for all of your help getting us up and running as well as trouble shooting with us. You made it a much easier process for us."

5/30/14 from Chris Andres at Tealium (Deployment Director)
"Guthy Renker -- I really want to try and wrap up and transition as well, maybe we can sync up and see if I can jump back in more actively there to help see it through to completion. I really appreciate all the above and beyond support you've done for my clients as a result of my lack of bandwidth. You've been doing an extremely good job.

I've heard a ton of positive feedback about you from the team as well, everyone is really happy to be working with you."

8/28/14 from Michelle Andrade, Manager, Business Intelligence,
"Hi James,
I have been working with Alicia Cafarelli and Stuart Roskelley on several Tealium TRU projects (mobile, registry, Poland, UK to name a few). I couldn't be more pleased with the customer care and support they have provided the Toysrus family thus far. They are very knowledgeable on the Tealium product and integration, helpful and super supportive. It is a pleasure working with them! Please forward my email to their supervisors.

3/16/15 from Tony Neesham at Brady Corp (emedco, seton)
"Hi Stuart,
May I start by saying how grateful I am to you and Kara for providing such an amazing level of service. Truly exceptional!

2/16/16 from Amanda Sepe, Tealium (Company News)
Kudos to Stuart for meeting an extremely tight timeline where the client requested all development work to be completed within a 2-week timeframe. Also, due to strict government regulations around the site, we had to produce a detailed audit report for each of their order flows which Stuart produced in a timely and efficient manner. And as always, being flexible with the Aussie time difference was very much appreciated :)