Stuart Roskelley

Worker, Entrepreneur, Family Man, Geek.

To put it simply, I have many interests and ideas. No matter what I am working on, I try to put my heart and best effort into it. This is a bold statement, so my background should reflect this claim. You can see for yourself here: clients.


My Axioms


About Me

Starting as a small kid, my fascination with discovering, learning, and building started with a Sega Genesis and a handful of Legos. Through the years, that desire has developed and enabled me to learn about all kinds of topics. The most part of my knowledge and endeavors have been self-taught.

I've enjoyed spending time with my family and work diligently to support them. I also have enjoyed playing around with all kinds of computer items, tech items (including building an android app), and hands on items. In addition, I've always had a fascination with cars and their engineering and hope to someday build my own from scratch.


Some Background

My first real job was in high school with a startup company called I was one of those that helped grow the company to one of the largest review sites in the world. This job opened my eyes to the joys of the web and what it could do.

Later, when I started college, I was hired to build in-house web applications for the Utah State University Research Foundation. This scoped most administration functions such as HR functions to managing multi-million dollar projects and proposals. This taught me more of the business functions of software engineering, complex databases, security, and team leadership.

In early 2013, I was introduced to web analytics and tag management. I knew the coding portion and quickly learned the importance and need for this hidden layer of the internet. Since that discovery, I've strived to help clients achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.


Contact Me!

I work as a consultant for web analytics, tag management, website design, team management, and more. If you'd like me to be involved in your project, you can contact me directly via phone or email.

Cell: 435-535-1051