Stuart Roskelley
Stuart Roskelley
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Clients worked with for various projects including websites, tag management, and analytics.
Coding Projects
Various code projects for use in practice and learning for all.
Other Projects
Various projects I'm currently working on or have done outside of coding or websites.

Work Experience




Volunteer Experience


Honors and Awards


Skills / Interests

Adobe Analytics, Adobe DTM, AJAX, Android, Android, Angular (and similar), AutoCAD, BootstrapJS, C#, C++, CSS3, Django, Dreamweaver, Ext JS, Git, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, HTML, Informix, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, KnockoutJS, Linux, Microsoft Office, MVC, MySQL, Photoshop, PHP, PostgreSQL, Python, SiteCatalyst/Omniture, Subversion, TCL / TK, Tealium, Unity, UX Design, Web Applications, Web Development
Everything Else
Art, Auto Mechanic, Cook, Electronic Assembly, Fiberglass, Innovation, Inventor, Mathematics, Motivation, Project Manager, Running, Teamwork, Wood Working, Writing
Web Developer
USU Research Foundation
December 2010 - July 2013
Developed web applications for HR, proposal costing, planning, and other administrative tasks. Used ExtJS framework and jQuery with javascript MVC to develop the complex applications. Involved significant teamwork, coordination, design and planning.

Included in this were two major projects. The first, an app on proposal costing, was very large and required careful coding for accurate financial planning for very large projects. Received an award on outstanding performance in developing it.

The second project was an app for resource (employee time) allocation and planning. Was a major influence in designing and coordinating as well as developing the application.
Co-owner, Programmer
August 2011 - February 2013
Created an info site with a friend. My role was web development and his role was the business end and populating content. The development went well, but time constraints with school and the friendís circumstances didn't lend itself well to do the updates and research, so currently it is an inactive site.

The challenge was to display a lot of information and functionality with limited space. Another challenge was the back-end to keep track of the top phones, inputting information, resizing photos, filtering, and much more.

During this process there were many skills developed and refined. Some include: php, jQuery, photoshop, design, Google Analytics, marketing, and business procedures.
Owner, Designer, Writer, Programmer /
2006 - 2007
Ran two websites, one based on running and one showing a daily comic. Used outside the box thinking and learned php, databases, cron jobs, and basic web programming. Also learned photoshop and research skills.
Reviewer / Web Developer
May 2004 - August 2006
Reviewed similar products (usually software) by research and contacting companies. The products were then rated, compared, and summarized. The findings were then published onto a review webpage that turned complex research into something a consumer could understand.

Was influential in the initial growth of the company. Learned attention to detail, prioritizing, and teamwork.
Associate Degree, Computer Science
Weber State University
Received Associate Degree of Computer Science from Weber State University. This is an ABET accredited program.
Associate Degree, General Studies
Weber State University
Received Associates Degree in General Studies one semester out of high school.
Baja Website Designer
Utah State University
September 2011
Created the USU Baja website from scratch thus helping get word out about the team as well as providing information for sponsors and others.
Missionary / Minister
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
June 2008 - July 2010
Served in Eastern Canada with the headquarters at Halifax, Nova Scotia. Traveled all over teaching people and serving in any way needed. Was self-motivated every day to go out and work 16 hour days. Learned social skills, teamwork, patience, motivation, and persistence.
Achievement Award
USU Research Foundation
May 2012
Outstanding performance. Specifically on the Basis of Estimate (BOE) project. This was one of the biggest applications created for the company that dealt with anything needed for costing out various proposals. It required heavy calculations and permissions on the back end so the proposals could be accurate and very detailed.
Ford Maintenance and Light Repair Certification
Ford Automotive
May 2008
Received the Ford MLR certificate while at Weber State University. Covers normal vehicle repair on all systems and qualifies for any shop operations.
New Century Scholarship
State of Utah
September 2007
Received scholarship based on the following requirements:
  1. Above 3.5 gpa throughout Associates Degree.
  2. Earn Associates Degree before the September following high school graduation.
  3. Maintain 3.0+ gpa during use of the scholarship.

75% of tuition covered for first 60 credits or 4 years (whichever comes first) after receiving.
Various Track / Cross-country Awards
Weber High School
2004 - 2007
  • Was team captain for two years during high school.
  • Received many awards in racing and team leadership throughout whole running career.
  • Was selected to run for several colleges, but decided to serve/minister for two years instead.
  • Was projected for top three in the state for senior year for all 5A schools.
Eagle Scout Award
Boy Scouts of America
Received the Eagle Scout Award. It required a large service project to complete. I chose to help mark the road and set up for the 2002 MS 150 Bike Ride.